Charlotte James

I am a somatic practitioner, coach, bodyworker, facilitator, ceremonialist, dancer, creative & an installation artist.

With kind presence and clarity I support my clients to access their inherent health and attune to their inner knowing as they navigate life’s challenges and transitions. 


Education,Training and Professional Certifications

-Certified Pre and Perinatal Practitioner, Riverbluff Sancturary, 2021-2023

-Certified in Organs & the Vagus System, Riverbluff Sancturary, 2021/2023

-Certified in Exploring the Vagus System, Riverbluff Sancturary, 2015/2022

-Certified in Biodynamic Approach to the Craniosacral System, Riverbluff Sancturary, 2015/2022

-Certified in Quantum-Touch Level 1, Kim Lucha Practice, 2020

-Certified Death Doula, Sacred Birthing School, 2020

-Licensed Massage Therapist (775 hours), Pacific Center for Awareness & Bodywork, 2020

-BA in Human Development: Somatic Psychology & Expressive Arts Therapy, Prescott College, 2015 

-Certified Yin Yoga Teacher,Yoga Sparks, 2015

-Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Co-active Training Institute, 2010

-Certified Nia Instructor, Nia Studio, 2007

-Certified in Permaculture Design, Finca Ipe, 2007

-Certified Midwife Assistant,The Farm Midwifery Center, 2006


Charlotte brings a wise and creative mind, intelligent listening, in-depth training, and a compassionate heart to all her work. Her beautiful studio welcomes feelings of calm and safety, and my body and spirit are supported by her skilled hands and kind presence. I am grateful for the support I receive from her. – Zakira Beasley

Charlotte’s generous capacity for patience and compassion is very grounding and supportive in the healing process. Her practice is uniquely creative and in each session I feel a safe and non-judgmental energy, and an openness to listen to and allow space for whatever may be coming up. I am so grateful to have found such a present practitioner who is willing to personalize each session to meet my needs.” – T.W.

I walked into Charlotte’s space with a nervous system on hyper alert. After two freak foot-breaking incidents in 18 months, I was afraid of everything. My chest hummed with anxiety and I had a hard time settling. A series of Somatic Integrative Arts sessions with Charlotte shifted everything: I was able to express what I was experiencing to someone who understood, I got tools and words for what was happening, and her healing touch felt like it drained out so much of the buzzing energy I had not been able to release on my own. I am deeply grateful for and highly recommend her work. – Susan McCulley

Charlotte brings a gentle, loving sensitivity and presence to her work.I felt safe to explore. Her pairing of movement, art and writing helped foster awareness and insight. 
– Donna Frye

Charlotte brings a unique gift and tremendous commitment to our profession of coaching, and to a much needed niche! – Ellen Catalano, M.A., CPCC, PCC

My experience with Charlotte left me feeling grounded, calm and serene, fully centered in my core. Charlotte creates a safe space for you to deepen into yourself, feel what is there and use the mediums of movement, and art to express it. Charlotte’s open heart and gentle spirit allows for all that you are to express itself into in a space of acceptance and expectance. After working with Charlotte you will leave with an awareness of your inner knowing and a deeper connection to yourself. – Anna Blum, MS,CS-BC

Charlotte is an innovative and dedicated coach! She was able to reflect back to me how I was expressing myself to the world, and give me techniques to effectively change perspective on my life. I was coached by Charlotte for a year and a half, during that time I left my career in teaching, healed my body, discovered my own calling to alternative medicine, and eventually began graduate school for Occupational Therapy. I still use the perspective tools Charlotte gave me on a regular basis. She was my mirror when I needed more than anything to see who I was, and who I could be. I am thankful to say that life coaching has allowed me to find a more positive space within which to live my life! – Kyla Saby 

Charlotte wasted no time in getting me down to business in creating my ideal life. She had me identify my inspirations, the things that held me back and the things that drove me forward while supporting me in the discovery process. Her attentive listening and intelligent questions illuminated parts of my life that I couldn’t see on my own. With a refined balance between being patient and holding me accountable for my actions, she diligently encouraged me to seek and become my highest and truest self. I use many of the tools I learned through her program on a daily basis and am continually grateful for the coaching she gave me. – Julia J. von Briesen

I’m taking away the reminder that life is richer when you are open to the unexpected in the moment.  Being present without planning allows for discovery and authentic connection with self and others.It also allowed me to connect with a more creative aspect of myself, which I have been out of touch with.I also enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and expressing myself in new ways, since I’m usually such a verbal person. – Bonnie

I think I know myself pretty well. I dance, I write, but I cannot paint (or draw, or do collages, etc.). So, it was a surprising and delightful discovery to feel myself forgetting about all that, and actually become playful with paint and color! The joy of it was simply delicious.I am walking away with that joy and the desire to experience it again. – Juju

This Workshop gave me the freedom, safetly and materials to express myself and grow as a person. – Martha H