Somatic Integrative Arts

A dynamic approach to leading an embodied,creative and purposeful life.

Do you long to…

Shift limiting patterns and reclaim access to choicefulness, joy and resilience?

Discover and take action toward your life’s vision and purpose? 

Rewire your nervous system to establish a sense of safety, presence and inner stability?

Find relief from chronic pain or health issues related to emotional or traumatic stress?

Somatic Integrative Arts

A powerful interweaving of Coaching, Relational Bodywork and Expressive Arts

My interactive and experiential approach is an innovative fusion that will help you:

-Connect with your innate wisdom,creativity and health

-Discover new ways of living and learning

-Cultivate an honest and inspiring relationship with yourself  

-Express and embrace your humanness – all of who you are

Somatic Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative relationship established through courageous and meaningful conversation that focuses on co-creating a pathway to realizing set goals.  

The structure and accountability of coaching support you to:

 -Bridge the gap between where you are and where you long to be

-Get out of your own way and create sustainable change

-Live in alignment with your personal values 

During our coaching together you will learn to access your inner guidance, gain clarity and take action toward the expression and fulfillment of your full potential.  

Relational Bodywork

I offer attuned attention, a slow pace and caring touch that work directly with the nervous system, tissues, fluids and structure of the body to support psychological, emotional, physical and relational well-being. 

During a session we focus on cultivating a felt sense of your innate health and resilience through gentle hands-on holding positions and somatic dialogue.

Together we co-create an intentional space to welcome unintegrated issues to the foreground to be transformed. This gentle and kind process supports you in accessing your vitality and wholeness.

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts invites your innate wisdom to be heard, seen and to express itself through intuitive art-making, non-stylized movement, creative writing and improvisational performance ritual.

The arts help you give shape, meaning and expression to the depth of the stories, dreams and possibilities within you. Your body and imagination actively engage in exploring the compelling themes and questions of your lived experience without needing to achieve a result or fix a problem. The process of creating, in and of itself, becomes a mirror, companion and guide in navigating challenges and honoring celebrations in your life. 

During a session we will be in inquiry together, bringing mindful awareness to what emerges moment to moment. You will discover creative ways to grow your capacity to be with what is, rewire habitual patterns and embody your truth.

* No prior skill or experience in the arts necessary.


Sessions are customized experiences that are co-created to meet your needs and intention. We may utilize one or all modalities depending on what emerges. During a session, with curiosity and compassion, we listen to and allow for the natural arc of a healing process to unfold.

For new clients I recommend scheduling an initial discovery session followed by a package of  3 sessions to be completed within 4-8 weeks. Following these sessions we will decide together on a cadence that is right for you.

The 3 session packages are built to support the natural unfolding and retaining of embodied wholeness and health. The container of multiple sessions within a designated time period provides space for repatterning, integration and longer lasting results.

I will honor your unique journey
with reverence for the mystery and potential of your evolution.


Initial Discovery Session 90 minutes

Package of Three 75 minute Sessions

Individual 75 minute Session –
after initial discovery session